Traveling with kids - Why not?

Traveling with kids - Why not?

"We would love to travel somewhere far far away, break away from the boring daily routine. Sadly, it seems impossible due to our kids...... Ahhh, if only we could go back to the good old days when we were alone."

I've heard this sentiment expressed countless times, but I strongly believe it is so wrong. It just serves as an excuse to avoid the extra effort and engagement that traveling with children requires. 

The reality is quite simple. You have two choices: either isolate yourself at home, patiently awaiting your children to mature or choose to embrace the reality that you can still continue exploring the world, accompanied by a few minor "responsibilities" that shouldn't outweigh the incredible experiences travel has to offer.

Of course, it's important to consider that some children are more demanding than others, and it may require more effort to make family travel possible. Drawing from personal experiences, including journeys with my own children and accompanying friends and their little ones, I can confidently say that traveling with children is not only feasible but also a wonderful experience for both adults and kids. In the end, it provides a fantastic vacation and a break from everyday worries.

We will be sharing a range of practical tips in a series of blog posts, covering different aspects of travel. From driving by car to nearby destinations, to traveling to more distant locations by plane. All the advice will be based on our own experience, gained during numerous trips to distant places with our own kids.

In this initial post, I will offer you an encouraging piece of advice:  "If you find joy in traveling, don't let children be a reason to stop. Let's be honest, traveling with kids can be demanding and you might see less because you'll need to cater to their needs. However, if you can share your passion for travel with them and make it an enjoyable break from their everyday routine,  you've achieved a big success."

Everything that comes afterward will be a learning experience for you, and we'll do our best to assist you with our advice.

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