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Children travel potty

Children travel potty
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The portable toilet is suitable for children who over 12 months and up to 23kg, light and foldable. After folding, the volume is small and can be placed in a bag or car. It does not take up space and is more convenient for transportation and storage.

The installation method is simple, the installation can be completed in a few minutes, one-step folding, instant closure, easy to use. The height of the toilet is just right, and the baby can sit on straddle easily. It is a good helper for training children to use the toilet.

After the baby goes to the toilet, take the cleaning bag out and throw it away, easy and convenient. No direct contact is required for cleaning, which is more sanitary and healthier. No need to worry about the hygiene of public toilets during travel.

Using high-quality materials, it can easily carry the weight of an adult, and the baby can easily sit on a straddle without turning sideways, making it more secure when going to the toilet.

The folding toilet is very suitable for indoor and outdoor. It can train the baby's toilet habits when placed at home and help the baby go to the toilet. It can also be used as a standalone potty outdoors, such as long-distance driving, traveling and camping, to easily solve the problem of going to the toilet when the baby is out.


Colour: gray

Material: silikon, acrylnitril-butadien-styrol

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