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Rexona Deo Spray for Men 35ml

Rexona Deo Spray for Men 35ml
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Deodorant rexona men cobalt now in a mini, travel size 35ml packaging. Thanks to its small and convenient size, it fits into every bag and vanity case in order to easily take it with you into every trip, workplace, camping and travel. The size of the packaging meets the requirements of international airlines (Ryanair, Easyjet, Aegean, Ellinair, Olympic, etc.) for carrying liquids in hand luggage, so you can safely transport it to the cabin case of the aircraft. Discover rexona motionsense technology provides constant protection for athletes and active men. Hallucinates with this formula that the more you move, the more you protect. A state-of-the-art antiperspirant formula for freshness all day long. 0% Alcohol. Protects against odour and moisture.
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